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Legrand ADTP703HM2 adorne sofTap Dimmer, 700W (Incandescent, Halogen)

Legrand ADTP703HM2 adorne sofTap Dimmer, 700W (Incandescent, Halogen)

Model: ADTP703HM2
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Legrand ADTP703HM2 adorne sofTap Dimmer, 700W (Incandescent, Halogen)

Perfect anywhere youÕd like to turn lights on and off with the softest tap and enhance the control with the option to dim.

This stylish dimmer switch combines sensitive sofTap technology with a gentle dimming paddle to create two unique, sleek lighting control solutions in one.

Use on its own to control a light from one location (single-pole operation) or pair with a second switch or dimmer to control a single light source from two locations (three-way operation).

This 700W version of the sofTap Dimmer Switch is meant for single fixtures and small lighting groups that do not exceed a total wattage of the number of bulbs multiplied by their respective wattages.

Pair with matching sofTap Switch or Wi-Fi Ready sofTap Dimmer Switch to create a uniform look throughout a room or your entire house.

This item also comes in an 1100W option.

Time to install: 15 minutes or less.

Fits existing electrical box and does not require new wires for typical installation.